How Silence Helps

You do not have to always feel you should know what to say, or have the "right words." Sometimes just being present and showing engagement speaks louder than words. Silence has a lot to teach you, if you are ready to listen. Have you ever tried taking a day or half day to be quiet-- to not speak? Here are some benefits of using silence: Pressure: takes away pressure you may put on yourself to feel you have to respond. Doing this allows you to listen more and to use your body language in a way that may be more helpful and warm than something said under pressure or not thought out. Less Impulsive: using silence allows you to be "quick to listen and slow to speak" which may help you to understa

Online Classes

Hello everyone, Happy September! Are you guys feeling the Summer wind down? Fall is usually a very spiritual and transformative time of year for me, as it represents rest and retreat for me, also, a time to bond in a different way— a more inward way with my loved ones. So this month’s Monday Morning Intentions, I wanted to talk/share some about my online Courses— Kerry Winchell, LPC Online Classes. Right now there are 2 courses being offered, 1. Emotional Eating and Compulsive Overeating and 2. Work-Life Balance for Helping Professionals. These courses are designed to help you help yourself at your own pace, so there’s no deadline to complete them. The Emotional Eating and Compulsive Overeat

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