Community Workshops and Classes:

 Emotional and Compulsive Overeating

Learn about ways to increase self-awareness and healthy habits surrounding eating.

This workshop will help you/loved ones:

  1. Understand and differentiate hunger cues from cravings.

  2. Learn how the brain responds to feeling satiated.

  3. Obtain tips on replacing unhealthy eating behaviors with practical healthy eating behaviors.

  4. Improve decision making skills surrounding food/eating.

Dates being offered varies: next workshop, 10.28.17.

Cost: $45.

Pre-registration is required.

  Substance Abuse Education

A combination of 7 substance use topics that can be completed as one program or separately. Individual sessions (can attend with a loved one).

These classes will help you/loved ones:

  1. Increase insight and knowledge about drugs and their effects.

  2. Identify where you are in regards to substance use; determine if you have concerns.

  3. Determine your next step if further evaluation or treatment is needed.

  4. Improve decision making skills surrounding substance abuse/use.

Dates being offered are ongoing. Please contact the office and visit the online store for more information.