April 23, 2018


Sometimes the mind gets the best of the heart. What I mean is, you are having a good day then all of a sudden you get distracted by something, and your perception of what is happening sends you in to an emotional mess. Or, may be you have been having a hard time and you no longer feel you have the strength to continue; you feel like giving up. The stream of negative self-talk that follows can seem unending and difficult to stop.


I probably cannot empathize with your particular situation, but I can empathize with being in this place. I find that writing down or reflecting on the things I am grateful for, helps to quickly transmute my energy-- lift my spirit to where I again feel empowered.


Here are a few things to reflect on, to help you when you may need to pick yourself up. Consider repeating them out loud throughout your day or at the start/end of your day:


I am thankful for the opportunity to start over.

I am thankful for another chance to try something different.

I am thankful for the time(s) I received encouragement.

I am thankful I pulled through my last struggle.

I am thankful I can be honest with myself about how I feel.

I am thankful for what I am learning.

I am thankful for the support I have received.

I am thankful there are different ways to perceive my situation.

I am thankful I was able to move from where I rested.

I am thankful I chose to still believe in myself.





**Information in this blog is not meant to treat or diagnose any health conditions. The information is for motivational, inspirational and education purposes only. Please reach out to a healthcare provider if you need health related attention.