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Happy Spring! This time of year comes around once, and it signifies a time of rebirth from the womb of nature. It is a time when coldness (even emotionally) may start to dissolve and a time where you can connect to your own feeling of being alive. You may find yourself wanting to start a project or you may notice yourself more in tune with your creativity— similar to what you may feel around January 1st’s New Year, the beginning of Spring can be a type of New Year.

Here are 5 ways to help you jump-start your Spring:

  1. Declutter a space: whether it is your garage, attic or backyard, organizing and getting rid of items that no longer serves you/your home can lift your mood and make your space lite. Decluttering also clears your space for you to be able to bring in more of what is beneficial to your space. Decluttering can also boost healthy self-confidence to see yourself complete this project.

  2. Brighten a space: changing out seasonal colors from your closet or home décor can improve your feng shui. Brighter colors have been shown to improve personal energy— physically and emotionally.

  3. Assess your goals: this is a great time to stop and evaluate where you are with your personal goals— make any needed modifications or acknowledge your progress.

  4. Align: taking time to be present for all the changes that are taking place in nature (outside of you and inside of you) and allow yourself to enjoy the moment(s). Become more aware of a truth that is trying to show itself to you.

  5. Spend time outdoors: if your health can take it, spend some time outdoors in activity or just sitting doing nothing at all. Give thanks for being alive in yet another new cycle.



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