Mental and Emotional Health Benefits of Exercise

New research suggests that the brain benefits from exercise are beginning to outweigh the physical benefits. Besides helping to maintain a healthy weight, regular exercise helps to improve your overall mental and emotional health. Let us look at some of these benefits: Memory: according to a study done at the University of British Columbia, continuous and high intensity physical movements such as aerobic exercise (or dancing), appears to increase the size of the area of the brain responsible for verbal memory and learning-- the hippocampus. Aerobic exercise stimulates the growth of cells in this area of the brain, allowing for a better ability to remember information. Energy: like the breath

Seeking Out Therapy

Some perceptions about seeking out counseling is that you have to be depressed, something must be "wrong" with you, or you need it because of your "diagnosis." While these are all reasons people do seek out a therapist, there are other reasons to include: seeking to increase insight and self-awareness about yourself or a situation, seeking new or alternative coping skills, or simply seeking out a safe professional space to address thoughts you find bothersome or disruptive. Although more and more people are opening up to discussing their concerns in safe therapeutic spaces-- therapy, psychotherapy or counseling can still be perceived as spaces for people labeled "crazy." This perception is i

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