For This Too, Is Love

'For This Too, Is Love' a book of Poems, Reflections and Affirmations, compiles to tell the story about a woman's journey through a period in her life overwhelmed by grief and the injustices, misogyny, and racism in the world. Though her grief is personal, she finds that injustice, misogyny and racism are also themes in her private life mirrored by the external world. The book was inspired by the author's decision to go on retreats throughout 2016. On one retreat she decided to do a month of intention setting where her focus was on affirming the things she would like to see show up for her health, family and friends, career and intimate partner relationship. On another retreat the author dec

Smell The Roses

With so many things competing these days for the World's Crappiest Problem, it is kind of easy and natural to find yourself emotionally drained and possibly experiencing anxiety and recurrent feelings of sadness. If you are allowing yourself to absorb the energies of all that is wrong with the world, you may possibly need to unplug. This may be especially true for empaths. Empaths are highly sensitive to the emotions of others and at times tend to feel things in an extreme way. Some empaths may also take on the problems of others as their own. Often this is seen with people who work as helping professionals, i.e. nurses and other healthcare providers, clergy/ministers and teachers to include

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