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Getting Started

How do you get started?

For a new day, a new project, a new life chapter? I find that for me setting my mind on my intentions helps me to develop a plan and execute it. However, first I must get myself to be aligned with getting prepared as "getting started" can be easier said than done.

Three Core Ways to Prepare for Getting Started

1. Do the Spiritual Work: before starting anything new, it is always beneficial to check in with spirit. Asking yourself a few questions such as-- "how am I feeling about this new venture, how am I feeling this morning, am I ready to face what awaits?" These self-exploratory questions can provide good feedback about where you are emotionally in your spirit. At times we leap in to things in a robotic fashion, without checking in with self first to determine if this new thing even fits with our spirit. So take some time-out to see where you are. Identify how you may be blocking yourself and how you may overcome barriers. If you find you are not as motivated, seek out the experiences, rituals and inspiration that usually gets you going.

2. Set The Intentions for What You Want: prayer is more than just kneeling and the clasping of hands. Prayer to me, includes the conversations people have consciously and unconsciously with themselves. It is important to be self-aware of the messages that we feed ourselves as these thoughts will manifest to our reality; they become answered prayers. So before you start your day, start a new venture or even a new relationship, identify what it is you want from this experience. Set your intention for the things you would like to see manifest, and let this hope inspire you to action.

3. Feel Good About Starting: start with the right attitude. If you do not feel good about what you are doing, it may be challenging to sustain yourself after you have gotten started. It is imperative that you align yourself when starting a new thing or preparing to enter your day. The spiritual work and setting of intentions previously mentioned will help determine the type of day or experience you will have. I once interacted in a professional setting with a woman who had been so upset by the time her phone call was transferred to me, that she started to use inappropriate language in her communication with me. Her phone call had been transferred/misdirected several times prior to reaching me. I expressed to her that if she needed me to assist her, she would need to speak to me appropriately, and that possibly what she wanted was not coming to her due to the attitude she was experiencing. The woman appeared to have sincerely apologized for her attitude, then somehow, she was able to be assisted. My point-- attitude is a major key! If you do not feel good about what you are doing or about to do, do not expect others or the higher power(s) to support you. The right attitude will not only get you started, but it will sustain what you have started.

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