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"Me Time"

Hey there! Are you getting enough alone or quiet time with yourself?

Spending time alone helps you to clear your thoughts, focus or refocus, sit with or process your feelings, increase your self-awareness and heighten your senses about your external world.

With the busy schedules or lifestyles of today, it is important that you carve out "me time" on a regular and practical basis. Maintaining "me time" helps keep you grounded, centered and helps with reducing stress levels over a period.

Thinking about what qualifies as "me time" can be challenging if you are not used to putting yourself as priority on your to do list or schedule. It may be something that you are already doing for yourself, but may need to increase the frequency or time you spend doing it. Time for yourself may include but not be limited to: spending time outdoors, meditating, taking a walk, exercising, a day of the week where you freestyle your schedule or spending time at a spa. Whatever you think works for you, explore if this is something practical or can become practical to your current day to day routine, as the expectation is this will become a part of your lifestyle.

Here is a relaxing nature video you can listen to for 5-15 minutes throughout the day or at bedtime, to help you get started. Simply find a quiet and relaxing area, you may use headphones if you choose to. Try to take a few deep breaths to help you get settled, then ease in to your regular breathing. To start off, simply focus on your breathing or on the sounds in the video. Hopefully this will evolve in to a wonderful journey in to self-care and "me time" for you. Enjoy!


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