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Multitasking and Anxiety

Being able to multitask has been one of the most prided and sought-after characteristics. When searching for a job, you may see companies highlight this trait as one of the main things that they look for when choosing job candidates.

If you excel at multitasking, great! However, how can this impact someone dealing with anxiety or who is on their way to burnout? You may not even be aware that multitasking is triggering you as it is something that is socially acceptable.

Here are a few ways multitasking can impact or trigger anxiety:

  • Over stimulation from "all" the things on your to do list that triggers you on a daily basis

  • Difficulty maintaining focus and subsequently unable to complete tasks

  • Constantly on edge due to being pre-occupied with the multiple tasks competing for your attention

  • Frequent mistakes

  • Difficulty prioritizing

  • Losing your personal groundedness

  • Off balance chi

  • Becoming overwhelmed

  • Possible anxiety or panic attacks

If you notice that you are taking on multiple projects or activities at one time, stop, step back and slow down for a bit. As said in pop culture-- "You are doing the most!" You may need to re-evaluate what multitasking means for you.

*Information in this blog is for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any health conditions.

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