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How Silence Helps

You do not have to always feel you should know what to say, or have the "right words." Sometimes just being present and showing engagement speaks louder than words. Silence has a lot to teach you, if you are ready to listen. Have you ever tried taking a day or half day to be quiet-- to not speak?

Here are some benefits of using silence:

  1. Pressure: takes away pressure you may put on yourself to feel you have to respond. Doing this allows you to listen more and to use your body language in a way that may be more helpful and warm than something said under pressure or not thought out.

  2. Less Impulsive: using silence allows you to be "quick to listen and slow to speak" which may help you to understand the full context and content of what someone is saying, rather than responding impulsively to certain aspects pre-maturely, or reacting impulsively.

  3. Improves your Zen: if you observe someone who regularly take silence retreats, you may notice a certain calming feeling when you are around them. Silence improves the way you flow and surrender in your life and to life, which decreases stress and anxiety. A good way to improve your Zen using silence is through mindful activities such as meditation and relaxation exercises.

  4. Heightens your senses: it is amazing how you can become more aware of sounds, smells, objects in your vision field, how you physically feel and your intuition when you take time regularly to be quiet.

  5. Increases self-awareness: silence allows you to take time to self-reflect and learn things about yourself, you may not know if you are busy talking most of the time.

To start reaping some of the above benefits, try taking some time to just be silent-- you do not need to start with a whole day if that is not realistic for your schedule at this time, but you can take small steps like may be half an hour out of your day, or 2 separate blocks of 30 minute intervals in your day. Maybe you may want to even start with using 30 minutes of quiet time twice this week. Come back and post a comment below about your experience, if you would like.


**Information in this blog is not meant to treat or diagnose any health conditions. The information is for motivational, inspirational and education purposes only. Please reach out to a healthcare provider if you need health related attention.

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